Fevzi & Nick LIVE from the UK, 9/28/12

In this week’s jam-packed show, the man who shot his own son: what does this say about guns in society; how do we mete out justice to criminals, and do prisons really work? We discuss Megan Stammers, the UK schoolgirl who absconded with the teacher twice her age – and evidence that this represents the tip of an iceberg of incompetence in public services. Then, the Fox Network’s inadvertent screening of a live suicide after a car chase – and when is it right to show real violence on TV? Plus, a brief diversion to beautiful Sedona (just outside drab Phoenix, AZ), The Onion’s satirical spoof which fooled Iran, dinners for lawyers, Andy Williams and Herbert Lom, and Apple’s reputation takes another hit. It’s been a busy show, so listen in and tell us what you think at tro@gadgetdetective.com

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