Holy Skipping Podcasts Batman!

oh.. Batman.. but it did.


For the past week and maybe longer, the downloaded MP3 files of the podcasts have been skipping or missing parts of the shows in them. I have experienced this frustration with the many of you. 

I did some troubleshooting last night and it appears that the CDN (Content Delivery Network) service we use was the cause. The CDN allows all the TRO files to be stored at a multiple locations closer to all our listeners. This allows faster downloads and quicker responses to when your browse the website or download the podcasts.

After clearing the CDN and setting it back to pull fresh files, it appears the skipping issue has been fixed.

You should be able to go back and re-download the past podcasts and listen to all the missed parts of the shows.

If you continue to have issues, please add a comment to the bottom of this page with following details:

  • What show are you downloading? Please include the link?
  • When did you try? Date would be best.

This is a volunteer website and done out of the love of the shows on TalkRadioOne.

Thanks for all your patience.

– CW

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