Fevzi & Nick LIVE from the UK, 9/30/11

Fevzi Turkalp & Nick Saalfeld discuss:

Will the assignation of al-Qaeda’s Al-Awlaki help or hinder America’s “war on terror”?
What would Bin Laden have to have done to have been taken alive?
Was Karzai forced to abandon his “peace talks” with the Taliban because the US has lost the war in Afghanistan, and the Taliban know it?
With share prices down by as much as 25% since the end of June, are we looking at recession for the rest of our working lives?
Now that Man’s faith in technology has led us into global disaster, should we redouble our faith in tech, or think again?
Politician’s wife convicted for stealing husband’s mistresses kitten. Claims she couldn’t recall having taken the kitten.
With news that Princeton scientists have invented a flying carpet, we reflect on how yet again science is emulating art.

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